Recently I've also been digging around my older photos. In doing so, I came across this photo, of two Defassa Waterbucks, which I have taken in 2002 in Lake Mburo National Park, Uganda.
My visit to Uganda, and this photograph in particular, marks an important moment in my personal journey "back to photography". In was actually in Uganda for work, to lecture at the Martyrs University in Nkozi. While there, my colleagues took me to the Lake Mburo National Park. During a walk through the national park, we came across two Defassa Waterbucks, who were having a "disagreement". Just after focussing my (analog!).amera on the two "discussants", someone behind me accidentally stepped on a branch, which subsequently snapped. The noice made one of the two look straight into the camera, resulting in this picture.
In post, after digitizing the original negative, and removing dust, I added a bit more saturation to the colours, while slightly increasing the contrast.

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