Welcome to my photography website
Photography is one of my hobbies. A hobby,  which I try to combine as much as possible with two of my other hobbies: travel and cycling.
The photos on this website have been collected during my travels. By way of these photos I hope to share some of the memories and impressions of the beautiful places I have been to.
Friends and colleagues keep asking me why I took up photography as a hobby. To answer this question, I have created a dedicated page. It's actually not a simple matter. In discussing my motivations, I also discuss which photographers have inspired me to push my hobby further. 
Another question people often ask me is what equipment I use. To this end, I created a dedicated page, where discuss the equipment I use when taking photos, as well as the software and hardware I use when editing the photos.
Nature through the viewfinder;
silences my thoughts,
focuses my sights,
opens my heart.
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