This week's photo is, once again, from Namibia. Yes. I have been taking photos since my return from Namibia. However, due to private reasons I've been more than busy "around the house" to even start editing any of the newer material.

This photo was taken in Namibia's norther desserts. The sand was yellow and  orange, but not too exiting due to the harsh light. Even the green of the tree was rather "dull". And no ... coming back to this point at a later moment was not an option.

I therefore, already in the field, planned for this photo to be rendered in black-and-white. As a result, in composing the exposure, I specifically aimed for the colours of the sand to almost act as waves of sand rolling in towards the tree.

In post, I converted the image to black-and-white, as planned, while also adding more contrast to the sand. I also made sure to highlight the shadowy parts of the tree "in the surf" to make it stand out a bit more.

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