Summer might not have arrived in Luxembourg yet, but spring is definitely in the air. As I was on holiday last week (with camera ...), I did not have the opportunity to take spring time photos in Luxemburg yet. Therefore, as a forebode to the summer that will hopefully come soon, I have selected this photo which was taken last year's late summer.

Even though Luxembourg is a relatively small country, the landscape is quite diverse. From the meandering Moselle, via the gorges of the Mullertal, the rolling hills of the middle, to the forests in the North. This photo was taken close to Junglinster, where one can easily find rolling hills with beautiful green meadows beset by nice tree lines.

This photo was actually taken on a bike ride, where I brought my Sony RX100 along, illustrating the point that the best camera is the one you have with you (or can practically take with you when e.g. cycling on a racing bike).

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