A few weeks ago, we visited the Mullertal in Luxembourg. There are several narrow passages through the old rock formations, resulting in a nice maze to wander through. 

As it had been raining just hours before we arrived, the green of the moss growing on the rocks came out really strong. The result is an almost surreal contrast between the brown leaves and small rock on the front, and the (subdued) sun-lit rock face in the back.

When staring at the photo for a while, our brain seems to get confused ... is the lit up rock to the front of the other rocks or to the back? It's almost as if is "hanging" in front of the darker rocks. Or is it a photo montage? It is not, of course. The only thing I did in post actually, was slightly brightening the shadows f the rocks in front, and conversely, slightly darkening the lit up rock. I also slightly increased the saturation of the green. No montage.

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