This photo was taken a few hours before the one from Week 42 (An evening in Machtum).

On that afternoon / evening, I had the opportunity to drive along the Moselle from Trier (DE) to Bech-Kleinmacher (LU). I specifically stopped close to the village of Machtum, with the aim to gather a series of photos taking us from sunset into the blue hour. Which resulted in the one selected for Week 42, as well as the one selected for this week.

I was actually quite lucky, as the weather transitioned from dark clouds being pushed along by the wind, to dreamy clouds lit by the setting sun, to almost empty skies at the end.

The photo I selected for this week, was taken while the sun was still well above the horizon, and was even highlighting the vineyards in the back (on the German side). Using a long exposure, resulted in the enhanced mirroring effect in the water, while also showing movement in the clouds. 

This photo actually combines three exposures. One that provides a good exposure of the slopes on the left and the village of Machtum. Another one, in which the vineyards in the back were lit up very nicely, and a final one providing the long exposures of the water and the clouds. IN photoshop I brought these exposures together, leading to the resulting image.

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