Busy! I guess, its one of the most overused words of this decennium. My work sometimes requires me to be fully concentrated on, for example, a project proposal. Which is exactly the case this week (these weeks). Even though I have had quite a few nice shoots over the last weeks, in Luxembourg, in Paris, and Valencia, I did not yet find the time to edit the photos I made during these shoots. Guess I've been too "busy". 

So, for this, week's photo I've selected a photo I took earlier this year. And just in case you are curious, I do have a "buffer" of about 80 decent photos pre-selected, just to help me get through weeks like this.

This photo was taken in Ersange, very close to where I live. It was early October. The concept of "Fall" was still well vested in our collective "denial", even though the trees were already started to show the colours that bring back the harsh reality. Bottom line: Summer is over!

The landscape shown in this photo is quite common to Luxembourg. Gentle slopes, trees, mixed with meadows for grazing cows. 

What I like about this particular photo is that the lines, on the left, the fences, and on the right the way the cows, draw you into the landscape, towards the forrest in the back. Rendering the photo in 2x1 format, helps to accentuate these lines.

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