This photo was taken last week. The village we see here, set in vineyards, is Wellenstein in Luxembourg.

It was a bit of an experiment in the sense that it is a blend of four exposers during sunset. The first one, I used to get an exposure of the vines on the foreground. A second exposure was used to maintain the structure and colours of the vineyards in the background, as well as the landscape stretching towards the horizon. The latter actually takes us across the Moselle, into Germany. A third expose I used to blend in some streaks of light from driving cars, as it was already getting darker. The final, and fourth exposure, I took when it was almost fully dark, allowed me to add the lit up church and other buildings in the village. 

Using Photoshop, I blended the layers together. What remains is, in my view, a landscape with a nice atmosphere, while using poetic freedom to obtain this combination of light and colours.        

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