This photo was taken this summer, close to the Mullerthal, during a short hike with the family. Of course, I brought my mid-weight mid-weight A6500 setup, resulting in some nice shots

During our hike, we came across this field of sunflowers. The curving road, and the clouds looming in the back, accentuated the yellow colour of the sunflowers. The road, curving from the right-middle to the middle-left, also provides some sense of measure of the size of the field. It takes the eye along the edge of the field. As the road disappears behind the brushes that stand on the left hand side, it is left to the viewer's imagination to determine how far the field of sunflowers stretches beyond the visible part.

In post, I used a dehaize filter to strengthen the contrasts in the sky. I also brightened the part of the road that was in the shade, to balance things a bit. 

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