Week 38! This means we are now into the second half of September, which means that fall is approaching fast. 

This weekend the weather in Luxembourg could not fully make up its mind. Is it still supposed to be summer-like weather, or should we already be in fall? Rain and sun were following each other in short succession. From a photographic point of view, quite interesting weather.

This photo was taken near Bous in the South-Eastern parts of Luxembourg. In these parts of Luxembourg, you will find gentle slopes, with nice views. The lowering sun, it was around 17:00, already makes the shadows longer. The sky behind the hills was still grey from the rain that had just passed over. The sun was still peeping through the clouds again, creating a sunny atmosphere in the front part of the photo. To the right, if you look careful, you can already see how the first trees are showing some yellow colours. Fall is approaching!

In post, I did remove some disturbing electricity wires, that were cluttering the tree line at the back a bit.

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