I've finally found time to, after my move from Trier to Bech-Kleinmacher, go out and take photos in my new environment. Bech-Kleinmacher is located in the Municipality of Schengen, indeed, the village that lends its name to the "Schengen Area". The Schengen Region, is located at the Moselle river, and features hills adorned with vineyards, nice pastures with cows, as well as a large area of former gravel pits. The latter have now been turned into a recreation area, and nature reserve. So, I find myself in the lucky situation that my new "back yard" offers ample photographic opportunities.

On the day I took this photo, the sky was rather overcast, and looked dull. A day where one might wonder if it makes sense to get up early to go out and take photos. However, I knew about the former gravel pits, and was hoping there would be some fog, and at least some breaks in the sky. Such a combination, with early morning sun, can lead to stunning atmospheres.

And indeed. On this first day in the field, I gut lucky. There was some fog still on the lakes, while the early morning sun was trying to "pick holes" in the clouds. The geese you see swimming away, went into the water, just as I was setting up the camera. I'm afraid I may have startled them. In the distance one can even see a patch of blue in the sky. 

In post, I developed, in Lightroom, two versions of this photo, which I later blended again in Photoshop. In one version, I kept the misty atmosphere, while in the second version I used the dehaize filter to add more sharpness to the trees, sky, and the geese. In blending them, I then used the sharpened version to introduce some more structure to the trees, sky and geese, while still keeping the misty atmosphere.

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