This photo received a number of suggestions on The original is shown on the right. 

A first suggestion was to change the crop of the image to remove the dark cloud at the top right., while leaving the white cloud at the center. It was also suggested to add a bit of drama to the cloud by adjusting brightness and contrast of the cloud. 

Then there was a small tree on the left, which, more or less, disrupts the nice symmetry in the image. Hence the suggestion to clone that one out.

Another major point was the 3d-ish effect that is generated by the sunlight on the tree-line in the middle. The left ones were a bit more in the shade, leading to the suggestion to help the light a bit by adding some extra brightness and colour saturation to the left side of these trees. 

Finally, the yellows on the front side of the image were a bit too strong, which could be remedied by locally reducing the brightness slightly.

Would indeed say that the overall results looks better, while still looking natural. No extreme "popping" colours ...

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