On 1x.com, this photo resulted in two main comments.

First of all, the blues on original photo (show to the right) where a but too much towards purple. Which is interesting, as I did not change the colours. In other words, the chip in the camera had pushed the blue towards purple. This seems to be a common thing to happen (like different brands of analog film used to favour different colours). This also re-kindles an earlier discussion I had with some of my fans about changing the colour balance in photos after taking them. The chip doesn't always record the colours as they were, just as analog film didn't do so. Therefore, for the photo in this re-post I used Photoshop to push the blue-purple back into real blue again.

The second comment pertained to the detail in the clouds. By bringing out a bit more detail, the clouds would come to life a bit more. Which is true to some extend. However, there I prefer to tread carefully, as I want to retain naturalness in my images. Nevertheless, I did use the Nik Collection of filters in Photoshop to extract more details in the clouds. At the same time, I ensured that the peninsula was left as-was. I like the softness of the green. In doing so, I used two layers that I merged manually. One with the original photo (after blue correction), which I used for the peninsula, and one with more detail in the cloud.

It was also suggested to consider a B&W version. Using Silver FX from the Nik Collection of filters, I created the B&W version as shown to the right. For me, the colour version looks much better. The green really says "Ireland", and the B&W one just doesn't convey the message that clearly.

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