On 1x.com, the original of this photo (shown to the right) triggered three suggestions.

Firstly, the suggestion was made to get rid of the antenna at the top right. One might indeed argue if it is "allowed" to remove objects that are there in the real world. In the past, I have also included (modern day) windmills in my images. Nevertheless, the antenna doesn't add any "drama" to the image, so it is best to remove.

Secondly, the suggestion was made to slightly darken the bright parts of the sky, while making the hills just, left, behind the village a bit lighter. This would, overall, add more balance to the image, and make the sky less "threatening".

Thirdly, it was suggested to make the subtle sunlight a tad stronger.

A fourth suggestion was to straighten the fence post on the right bottom. On the original image it was on a stronger angle. Straightening it up, somehow, does improve the balance in the image. Possibly since the post is relatively "thick".

The repost shown above is the result of taking these suggestions on board. Using PhotoShop, I removed the antenna, darkened the light brings parts of the sky slightly, while adding more light to the darker parts of the hills. I also pushed the sunlight a bit more in terms of (local) saturation and brightening of the yellow/orange of the sun. I would indeed agree that these suggestions have resulted in an improved image.

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