On 1x.com one of the critiques suggested to darken the area above the upper arch, and to lighten up the sky a bit more. The original photo is shown to the right.

In Lightroom I indeed darkened the the area on the upper arch a bit, while making the corners even a touch darker. In Lightroom I made a second "exposure" of the original photo, where I increased the exposure in order to obtain a lighter sky. Using Photoshop, I merged the two exposures into one again.

Another suggestion was to reduce the saturation (in particular the orange) of the arches. The colours indeed do look a bit unnatural (although the lights are indeed orange like, as the seem to be using Natrium lamps). Nevertheless, following this suggestion did "cool down" the arches a bit. In doing so, some lighter parts of the arches became too bright, so I had to do some "repair" work to remove these "speckles". While "at it", I also reduced the green-ness of some of the neon lights in the back. Found them to be too distracting. 

I think the result is an improvement. The darker top part, keeps the eye more focussed on the centre of the photo, while the sky now also looks "friendlier". Making the arches less "orange" also helps focussing the eye on the tower in the back.

Next time I'm "out there", i will try to combine two actual exposures, mixing a blue-hour sky with a night time exposure of the arches.

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