This re-post involves a photo from my trip to Namibia in 2006. It featured as my photo of the week of week 1 in 2016. As I plan to visit Namibia again this year, I thought it would be nice to dedicate a weekly photo to my planned trip.

I also cross posted this photo to, where it attracted some comments. Based on these comments, I decided to take the photo in "Re-Post". On the right side, you can see the original photo. The comments were actually going in different directions.

One comment suggesting taking the photo in landscape rather than portrait. Not much we can do there "in post", but ... hopefully ... later this year I will have a chance to experiment with that.

Some comments suggested to render the photo in black-and-white. Mainly to accentuate the lines and structures. On the right, at the bottom, you can see how this might look like. In rendering the photo in black-and-white, I did brighten the sky a bit, while adding more contrast to the sand. Personally I miss the colours too much.

Other comments suggested that the blue sky was a bit dull. Just as the branch adds something extra to the lines in the sand, a cloud would help adding more spice to the sky. So, I re-used the sky of another photo from the same trip. I selected a cloud that aligns in shape (loosely) to the dune in the back.  To me, it actually better accentuates that the sand "path" that starts in the front, with the lines, curves around to the left behind the left sand-dune. 

I also increased the size of the people you can see in the distance a bit. You can't make out much detail of them, but I managed to increase them with about 20%, so it is clearer that there are people walking in the distance, just as the "path" curves to the left. 

Based on one of the comments, I also saturated the sand  a bit, while also adding more contrast. Not su much the large dune on the left, but rather the "path" with the lines.

Original photo

One final comment was concerned with the fact that the lines seemed to leave the frame on the right hand side. This was actually the basis for suggestion to use a landscape frame next time, rather than a portrait frame. I used cloning in photoshop to reduce the effects of lines leaving the frame on the right hand side, which strengthens (I think)  the suggestion that the lines run straight from the bottom left towards the right, and then curve around the dune on the left. (Which was actually the case in reality).

B&W Alternative

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