This re-post involves a photo from week 45 in 2015. The photo shows Korlingen while the sun highlights the fog that still hangs like a vail in the valley. 

One of the critiques on suggested to darken the large grass area to the left of the road, because its relative brightness draws too much attention away from the path. I have included  the original photo to the right of the text.

To indeed darken the path of grass, I mixed two "exposures" of the same photo. The original one, and a considerable darker one. In photoshop, I put each of the exposures on its own layer. For the darker one I used a mask to select the area that I wanted to darken. Then I used the opacity of the darkened layer to adjust things "to taste".

Would indeed say that in the result, the eye is less drawn to the patch of grass on the left.

While "at it", I also removed some disturbing branches, and shortened one "out of line" pole along the side of the path leading into the landscape.

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