Yes! I am finding time again for photography. It might still be a few more weeks before I can add fresh material, but things are clearing up.

This week's photo was taken at the Taj Mahal complex. While at the Taj, I took the "usual" shot. However, the great gate (Darwaza-i rauza) is almost as beautiful as the actual core of the Taj.

I took this photo shortly after sunrise, and shortly after getting into the Taj Mahal complex. I was actually still making my way to the main attraction. However, as always, and even then, I looked around to check if I would miss anything. I knew quite well that soon the area would be filled with fellow tourists. Nevertheless, I took a few minutes to take this shot "backwards", to where I had entered the complex.

As there are no tripods allowed at the Taj Mahal complex, I took this photo "by hand", also meaning I could not use a long shutter speed. Of course I would have loved to take this photo using my tripod and a longer exposure. However, tripods are simply now allowed at the Taj Mahal for regular tourists, so I had to "make do".

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