This week I did have time to take some new photos in the magical Mullerthal. However, as I'm not fully finished editing them, I decided to select a photo from last year as this week's photo.

This photo was taken at the Scheierbierg close to where I live. For the Dutch speakers ... the "Scheier" part of the name is easy. The "bierg" part will break your tongue if you are (like me) from north of Maastricht. It might sound like "Bee-jerg", but to pronounce it well, it requires a "roll" from the "ee" via the "j" to the "erg" that is not quite like we're used to.

This photo was taken in October last year. It's actually a composition of twelve portrait exposures. The sun was setting, which created the orange glow in the sky. As it was early fall, some of the trees were already showing a yellow colour, which resonated quote well, with the late fall rapeseed crop (look at the fields on the middle-right). 

In the field, I consciously underexposed the photo slightly to ensure that the contrasts in the sky would not be washed out. So, in post, I did increase the exposure again, while reducing the highlights to keep the contrast in the sky.

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