Last week, I had the opportunity to drive along the Moselle from Trier (DE) to Bech-Kleinmacher (LU). I stopped close to the village of Machtum, with the aim to gather a series of photos taking us from sunset into the blue hour. 

I was actually quite lucky, as the weather transitioned from dark clouds being pushed along by the wind, to dreamy clouds lit by the setting sun, to almost empty skies at the end. Based on that evening's "capture", I created three images.

The one above, I like the most. I've created it by combining (in Photoshop) three images generated (by Lightroom) from two exposures. The first exposure I used was taken shortly before the streetlights in Machtum came on. This exposure provided me with the beautiful clouds in the sky (and their mirrored images in the water).  The second exposure was taken shortly after the streetlights had been switched on. Using Lightroom, I developed two versions of this exposure. One in which the tree line, close to the water on the left, was well exposed. The other one, I used to bring out the actual village of Machtum. In Photoshop, I brought the resulting three images together to create the above result.

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