We've reached the end of 2016. Time to end the year with some "fireworks".

There is not much light pollution in Namibia, which makes it a great place to make star trails. The footage for this image was taken at the famous arch near Spitskoppe. The image is composed of a "torch light enhanced" exposure of the arch, followed by about 1 hour worth of minute-by-minute exposure, to create the star trails. 

The exposures for the star trails were combined into one image using StarStaX, after which the star trail image and the "torch light enhanced" exposure of the arch were combined using PhotoShop. In PhotoShop I also removed some of the noise that was left over in the sky.

I was quite lucky with the position of the centre of the rotation, just left of the arch. I know there exist Apps to compute these kind of things in more detail beforehand. At the same time, this was the first time for me to engage in star trailing.

I had two alternative names in mind for this image. "Celestial fireworks" as a reference to the end of the year, and to the star trails. Or, alternatively, "Vogon Spaceship entering worm hole". The positioning of the centre of the star trails, and the arch, give a bit of a feeling of a space ship entering a worm hole. The green/grey colouring of the arch, give me associations of a Vogon Spaceship, from the Hitch Hiker's guide to the Galaxy.

In the end I stuck to "Celestial fireworks".

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