I just returned from a great trip to Namibia. It will take a few weeks, well probably months, to edit all the photos taken on this trip.

During "normal" times, Namibia is a pretty dry place. However, during the last years, most of Namibia has seen no rain at all. As a result, the environment in Namibia is currently extremely dry. This this is in stark contrast to the area where I currently live, where nature is generally green, while being blessed with regular rainfall. 

Therefore, this week's photo is a photo I took "around the corner" from the place I call home, near Korlingen. I took this photo during early spring this year. I specifically like the lines. Both the "macro" lines in terms of the fences, as well as the lines in the grass. The cows, enjoying the lush grass, bring more "Earth-ing" to the photo.

With "Earth-ing", I refer to the fact that, well to me, I can imagine smelling the grass, hearing the cows, possibly even smelling them. Can you smell the fresh grass? Hear the the cows mooing? The simple, yet essential, joys of nature. No need for "colours to pop". No need for a "dramatic" object in the foreground to entertain your eye. It is just a photo to invite, or challenge, your imagination to go for a walk in nature. In the green, green gras of home. 

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