Earlier this year, I visited the Posbank, close to the place where I was born. It was a summer's morning, and the night before it had rained. So, I was hoping to catch some nice images with ground-fog in the heather fields and slopes. However, due to the relatively warm air, there was hardly any real ground-fog to be found. There was just a general haze ... which enabled me to take this photo.

When I took this photo, the sun was already climbing the skies. The photo was taken in the direction of the sun (top right, out of sight). As the image was shot in the direction of the sun, I decided to turn it into a B&W image, as the colours where simply to bleak. 

The haze produced a nice atmosphere. The lady, who happened to walk the dog, and happened to have light coloured hair (which sets it apart from the tree she is walking past), made it all magical. 

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