A few weeks ago I already selected a photo from Castle Vianden in Luxembourg, which was taken during twilight, as photo of the week. On the same night as I took the latter photo, I also took a photo after sunset. 

This photo is actually based on one RAW image, but involves a mix of four different exposures in Lightroom, which I blended together using photoshop. A first (over-)exposure was used to ensure there  would be enough structure in the trees around the castle. A second (over-)exposure was used to ensure that the unlit wall at the front left of the castle was still visible well enough. A third (slight over-)exposure and some extra contrast were used to unlock some of the gentle structures in the (clouded) sky. Finally, a normal exposure was used for the main, well lit, parts of the castle. Using photoshop I blended these different exposures of the same digital negative into the composition you can see above.

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