Last week I was visiting Portugal for work. Did bring my camera, but did not find time to take photos. All the more reason to select an "older" photo from Madeira as this week's photo.

This photo was taken on Madeira in may this year. The sun was setting behind me, while I took this photo of the rock, which one could see as being "on fire". 

I did some post-processing in PhotoShop to make the structures come out more strongly. In particular: (1) used a filter to add more contrast to the sky, (2) intensified the reds/oranges a bit, to give the rocks a warmer glow, (3) intensified the green of the grass/moss a bit, (4) deepened the blue of the water. Finally, the two solitary rocks on the left, were actually a bit further to right, and were too close to the edge of the frame. Managed to get them better into the frame. 

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