At the moment, I'm having a hard time even finding time to continue editing the photos of my recent trip to India. So, even though spring is beautiful in my part of the world, this year I will not be able to enjoy it too much with my camera, due to my relocation plans, and busy times at work. Hence, a photo from one of my previous "expeditions".

On my last trip to Namibia, we also had the opportunity to get close to some caracal's. These animals indeed look, and behave, quite like regular cats. Optically, they share the tufted ears with the lynx, though they are certainly a different species. Although, I've been told that the Romans used to call them (the caracals) lynx anyway. 

Either way, if you are a cat lover, then the caracals are quite something. They are wild animals, and yet, in many ways, they resemble domesticated cats. Very much so, in this pose I would say. 

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