This week's photo takes us back to the city of Trier, where I currently live. This photo was taken just after sunset in September. One of Trier's landmarks is the Porta Nigra, an old city gate dating back to the Roman Empire. During these times, Trier was actually called Augusta Treverorum, honouring emperor Augustus. The Treverorum part of the name refers to the Treveri; a local tribe which was subdued by the Romans. This is also the reason why Trier, in French, is still called Treves.

I've been experimenting with photos of the Porta Nigra before. One of the challenges is that when taking a photo from the front side, it is hard to avoid the "forrest" of traffic lights and street lights. On this photo, I actually kept some of the "street furniture" as it matches quite nicely with the traces of the lights of a car that just passed. As a result, the photo lets Roman grandeur meet modern times.

In creating the final image, I mixed a few exposures to remove some of the traffic, while also mixing in elements from an exposure from a different angle, in order to get rid off some lights (which would have been visible in the right gate) that light up the Porta Nigra from behind.

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