This photo of the Porta Nigra, one of Trier's landmarks, was taken a few weeks ago during the blue hour.

Earlier this spring, I already took a blue hour shot from the other side (the city side). This time, we are facing the front side by which people would enter the city during Roman times.

Inspired by the fabulous work of Elia Locardi, this photo involved some photoshop work to bring out the front side of the Porta Nigra as good as possible (for me at least). I mixed an over-exposure and an under-exposure to ensure a good balance between the lit-up gate and the blue sky.

I also had to mix-in some fragments of the gate from a photo that was taken from a slightly different angle, so as to "remove" some undesirable lights, lamp posts and traffic lights, which of course didn't exist during Roman times ;-)

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