Okay. It's been nearly a year ago since I said I should really take more photos in Trier, the city I am more than happy to live in. I've now finally started to explore Trier a bit more. Still looking for the best spots. 

Of course, one of the landmarks in Trier is the Porta Nigra. This week's photo is therefore a photo of this city gate, taken during the "blue hour". Artificial light gives it a golden colour that contrasts nicely with the (early) night time sky.

The city of Trier is well over 2000 years old. During Roman times it was called Augusta Treverorum, honouring emperor Augustus, while Treverorum referred to the Treveri; a local tribe which was subdued by the Romans. 

The Porta Nigra was erected by the Romans as a city gate. At present, it remains as the largest Roman city gate north of the Alps.

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