Recently, I was on a holiday in Australia. Therefore, this week's photo was selected from the ones taken during this holiday.

While in Australia, I of course had to visit Brisbane to meet some of my dearest friends. While in Brisbane, I was able to take this photo. It shows a different perspective on some of the key parts of "down town" Brisbane.

The bridge "above us" is the bridge of Pacific Motorway leading into Brisbane. To the left, we look towards South Bank, where we can see the Ferris Wheel and the (new) cycle/foot bridge from South Bank to the Queensland University of Technology. To the right, we first see the core of Brisbane's Central Business District. For a city of more than 2 million inhabitants, it remains to be an amazingly company CBD. To the far right, you can see the rockface of Kangaroo point. 

The photo was taken during early morning light. It would have been great if there would have been a bit more cloud in the sky, but ... I think I will be back to Brisbane, and back to this spot in particular.

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