Eating away at my last legacy project; a short visit to Singapore in 2013. In those days I thought I wanted to switch to video. So, I'm editing a video at the moment. Boy, I should have just stuck to photography.

While editing the video, I'm also spotting some nice stills. And, in the light of "The best camera is the one you have with you", I'm now extending that concept to also include the video camera I had with me in Singapore.

This highlight is therefore a panorama made from six frozen frames of a pan I did with my videocamera. This shot is taken after dark (bet you didn't seen that) at the Marina bay. On the right hand (in purple) you see the famous, and quite remarkable indeed, Sands Hotel. On the left hand, lighted yellowish, is the Fullerton hotel.

Was great visiting Singapore. Hope to have the time to go there are again soon. This time I'll bring my real camera.

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